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240V 11.5KW Electric Circulation Baptistry Water Heater by Little Giant p/n 11.5HHL


240V 11.5KW Electric Circulation Baptistery Water Heater by Little Giant part number  11.5HHL - Usually ships next day

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Introducing the Little Giant 11.5KW Electric Circulation Baptistery Water Heater, bearing the part number 11.5HHL. Regardless of your baptistry's size, this externally mounted electric circulation heater offers a range of cost-effective benefits:

High-Performance Temperature Control:

  • Energy-saving adjustable thermostats provide precise temperature management.
  • Oxidation-resistant Incoloy sheath heating elements ensure longevity.

Efficient Insulation:

  • Fiberglass insulated design retains heat efficiently.
  • Available in various sizes to suit your water volume and temperature needs.

Optional Circulation Pump:

  • Consider the optional 1/40 HP, 230-volt circulation pump, capable of circulating 10gpm at one-foot head.

High-Limit Safety:

  • The 118-degree high-limit switch enhances safety by preventing overheating.

Construction Highlights:

  • Utilizes Incoloy sheath heating elements for durability.
  • Adjustable thermostat with a 47°F-107°F range (4-degree differential).
  • Well-insulated with fiberglass.
  • Designed for use with 240V single-phase power, with adaptability to 208V and 120V power sources.
  • The Little Giant pump boasts 1/40 H.P. and operates at 230V, circulating at 10gpm with a 1-foot head.
  • Features a Hi-Limit switch set at 118°F (± 4°) for added safety.
  • UL Listed for quality assurance (#E22869).

Discover unmatched baptistry heating with the Little Giant 11.5KW Electric Circulation Baptistery Water Heater (Part No. 11.5HHL). Experience precise temperature control, durability, and safety, all in one reliable solution.

Enhance your baptistry experience today.

Part Number Model Volts Watts "A" "B" "C" Inlet or Outlet Amps Drawn
3HHL 3 KW 240 3000 22" 16 3/8" 5 1/2" 1" F.S.P.S. 12.5 amp
6HHL 6 KW 240 6000 27" 21 3/8" 5 1/2" 1" F.S.P.S. 25 amp
11.5HHL 11.5 KW 240 11,500 29 1/2" 24 3/4" 4 3/4" 1" M.S.P.S. 47.9 amp

Note: The 11.5 KW Heater Requires a 48 Amp Resistive Rating Contactor (R8246A) and a 24V Transformer (AT140A) to operate.

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Weight 260 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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