CHR-TOTE461-2Z-120V 3600W Two Zone 275 gallon IBC tote heater with digital controllers


120V 3600W Two Zone 275 gallon IBC tote heater with digital controllers.

Revolutionize your industrial heating with the CHR IBC Dual Zone Heating System. Crafted for standard Intermediate Bulk Containers, this 120V, 3600W Tote Heater boasts dual-zone flexibility, each at 1800 watts, delivering rapid and consistent heat. The digital temperature control system offers a wide range (0-212°F), a user-friendly LCD interface, and programmable set points. NEMA 4X enclosure ensures durability for outdoor use. Switch between 1800W and 3600W effortlessly. Explore additional options like heavy-duty insulation and insulating lids for enhanced efficiency. Elevate your heating solutions with CHR - Precision, Power, and Performance in one system!

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Premium Dual Zone IBC Tote Heater with Digital Controllers: Elevate Your Heating Solutions

Revolutionizing IBC Heating Solutions

Our CHR IBC Dual Zone Heating System is a pinnacle of cutting-edge design, meticulously crafted with top-quality materials to deliver unparalleled efficiency and durability.

Superior Construction for Unmatched Performance

Custom Fit: Tailored for standard Intermediate Bulk Containers (48 x 40 inches). Weather-Resistant Exterior: TPU laminated nylon ensures tear resistance and waterproofing. Inner Liner: Urethane-backed nylon adds strength and reliability. Insulation: Felted PE insulation with Dibond 2000 thread offers UV and abrasion resistance.

Powerful Dual Zone Heating Capability

Experience advanced heating with our 120V, 3600W Dual Zone Tote Heater. The silicone-insulated heating element provides rapid, consistent heat across two zones, each at 1800 watts. Ideal for applications requiring higher temperatures and increased power.

Intelligent Digital Temperature Control System

Maximize control with our state-of-the-art digital temperature controllers:

  • Wide Temperature Range: Set temperatures from 0-212°F for precise control.
  • User-Friendly Interface: LCD display for easy monitoring of process value.
  • Flexibility: Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit effortlessly.
  • Programmable Set Points: Customize maximum allowable set points.
  • Lockout Feature: Enhance security with a programmable lockout.
  • Outdoor Ready: NEMA 4X enclosure ensures durability for outdoor use.

Flexibility in Power Usage

Dual Zone Flexibility: Two independent heating zones with separate controllers and power cords. Customizable Power: Easily switch between 1800W and 3600W by activating or deactivating one heating zone. Single-Phase Operation: Designed for 120V, single-phase operation, compatible with standard power supplies.

Versatile Applications and Accessories

Enhanced Efficiency: For rapid heat-up or high-power requirements, consider our heavy-duty insulation option (contact us for details). Insulating Lid: Boost heat retention, especially in outdoor or unheated locations.

Compare Tote Heaters for Your Unique Needs

Explore our comprehensive range to find the perfect solution for your specific heating requirements.

Unlock the Power of CHR IBC Dual Zone Heating System - Elevate Your Heating Solutions Today! Discover unparalleled efficiency and control with our advanced tote heater technology.

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Weight 800 oz
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275 Gallon

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CHR-TOTE461-2Z-120V 3600W Two Zone 275 gallon IBC tote heater with digital controllers
CHR-TOTE461-2Z-120V 3600W Two Zone 275 gallon IBC tote heater with digital controllers
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