Wall & Ceiling Mounted Radiant Heaters

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Radiant heating consists of "radiant energy" being emitted from a heat source. Radiant heating heats a building through radiant heat, rather than other conventional methods including convection heating. The heat energy is emitted from a warm element (floor, wall, overhead panel) and warms people and other objects in rooms rather than directly heating the air. The internal air temperature for radiant heated buildings may be lower than for a conventionally heated building to achieve the same level of body comfort (when adjusted so the perceived temperature is actually the same). Radiant heaters include a large selection of elements, fixtures and panels for the best solution of applications where immersion or direct contact heating is impossible, impractical or undesirable. Element source temperatures to 4000 Deg. F with emission surfaces of various sheaths including Incoloy®, ceramic or quartz providing work watt densities to 5.76 kW/ft². Applications include drying, curing, preheating, shrinking and thermoforming. Chromalox sensors and controls are available to provide a single source heating system designed specifically to suit your application.



  • Localized heating in large plants
  • Loading Docks
  • Narrow warehouse aisle heating
  • Garages
  • Dry paint
  • Prevent freezing of pipes, valves
  • Heat hoppers

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