Drum Heaters and Barrel Heating Solutions

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Industry Leading Blanket Heaters & Barrel Heaters

Gordo Sales is the preferred industry leader for drum heaters and accessories (also known as bucket heaters, pail heaters, and blanket heaters). We offer the highest-quality products available today. When you choose us to buy barrel heaters online, you can rest assured you will enjoy exceptional customer service and the lowest possible pricing.

Barrel & Blanket Heaters to Suit Your Needs

With sizes ranging from 5 to 55 gallons, we have drum heating blanket options for heating both metal and plastic drums. Look to us for strap heaters, insulated blanket heaters, immersion heaters, dolly heaters, induction heaters, and drum insulation.

You can choose between 120-volt and 240-volt barrel heater options, based on your needs.


Drums, buckets, and barrels are some of the most shelf-stable and cost-effective storage options available in many industries. But when they’re used to store fragile materials such as food or toxic substances such as chemicals, epoxies, and resins, they require optimal thermal protection.

Each material has specific temperature requirements to maintain quality and extend shelf life. Protect your products with our line of specialized bucket, barrel, and silicone drum blanket heaters and related heating devices.

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This graph is for heaters of 55-gallon drums

We have integrated thermal solutions for warming food, keeping products in liquid or solid stages, mixing and melting liquids, and storing chemicals at ideal temperatures. Our drum heater products include heating mats and jackets, submersible temperature controllers, and input devices.

Select among a range of materials, sizes, dimensions, electrical specifications, and configurations.

Because we want to be a one-stop shop for all your integrated thermal solutions, we also offer a full line of accessories including splash guards and heavy-duty indoor and outdoor extension cords and controls.

Most of our products are available to ship out on the same day you place your order.

Call us today with any questions or for help with your order or contact us now to place your order for the industry’s best barrel heaters.

The Benefits of Drum and Bucket Heaters

Quick and easy installation

Your workers can easily set up our drum heater systems. Our temperature controllers are also easy to set up, use and maintain.

Improved product longevity

Our drum heaters and thermal devices allow for full heating coverage at maximum efficiency. This way, your products heat up quickly to the ideal temperature range during both storage and use, even during fluctuating ambient conditions.

Reduced waste and damaged material

Improper storage is one of the leading causes of material waste. Our complete thermal solutions & drum heaters help keep your operations productive and profitable.

Increased safety in your facility

Our solutions not only protect your stored materials from contaminants and hostile conditions but also keep your workers safe.

Why Shop Gordo Sales, Inc. Drum Heaters & Blanket Heaters

We are one of the nation’s largest providers of low-cost, high-performance drum heaters, bucket heaters, and blanket heaters. More than that, we have extensive product knowledge and deliver exceptional service.

On some of the more popular drum heaters, we offer quantity discounts, so you can save by purchasing more than one drum heater.

We ship nationally (usually within the same day you place your order) and to Canada.

Ensure a safe, efficient, and productive operation with our robust blanket heaters and thermal solutions. Place your order today or call us for more details about our products.

Contact us today!

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