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Heavy-Duty Comfort Air Heaters

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A variety of comfort air heaters that are sold by Gordo sales are shown.

Our Variety of Shop Heaters & Large Room Heaters

When it comes to versatile and durable comfort air heaters, look no further than Gordo Sales, Inc.

We carry a wide selection of specialized air heaters for heavy-duty residential, commercial and industrial applications. Select from several heater styles, including portable, freestanding and ceiling or wall-mounted systems that deliver the ideal air quality.

We only supply heaters that are easy to install and configure, so your operations won’t be interrupted.


Comfort Gas Radiant

Unlike air heaters, infrared heaters transfer radiant heat energy directly to people, objects, and surfaces. Heat is then retained and radiated throughout the room from the ground up so that the entire space receives relatively uniform heat. Comfort gas radiant heaters make great large room heaters. They are an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for spot, area, or building-wide heating.

Forced Air Heating Fans (Mounted & Portable)

If your facility has an electric air heater, having a portable or mounted fan lets your system move warm air faster over long distances. This will make heating larger areas much faster and more economical. Forced air heating fans make great garage space heaters.

Radiant Mounted

Mounted gas radiant heaters are extremely flexible and energy-efficient. They allow for high-bay, high-intensity spot heating, as well as low-intensity heating. They make great shop heaters and are perfect for loading docks, assembly lines, airplane hangars, store entrances, and outdoor patios in restaurants.

Explosion-Proof Blower Heater

If you want to put a heater in a hazardous location, you must use an explosion-proof blower heater. They are useful for primary or supplementary heating to protect your equipment and materials from freezing and improve your facility’s indoor air quality. These are great shop heaters and garage space heaters when hazards are already present. 

To make sure your portable or mounted comfort air heater runs smoothly, we offer OEM accessories as well.

Get in touch with us today to find out which heating system is right for your garage, shop, large room, commercial space, or industrial facility.

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