High/Low Limit Temperature Controllers

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High/Low Limit Temperature Controllers

Find the Right Temperature Limit Controller

Protect your processes, equipment and personnel with a high- or low-limit temperature limit controller from Gordo Sales, Inc.

Our temperature controllers and monitors let your personnel define an upper or lower temperature limits. When the temperature conditions in your facility fall outside the pre-set values, the output switches of the limit controller can shut down the system or trigger forced cooling. This ensures that your machinery, products, and workers stay safe.

Limit controllers and monitors are critical components of process heating systems, such as furnaces, ovens, steam systems, combustion, plants and food-heating equipment. You need to choose the correct temperature controller for each system.

Our process heating system experts can help you find the temperature limit devices that meet machinery standards and industry regulations.

We’ll also help you choose the mounting style needed for each process heating system you have in your facility. When you work with a leading supplier of industrial thermal solutions, rest assured that you’re getting the highest-quality device for the best price.

Check out some of the devices we carry:


Sub Panel Mount Temperature Control or High Limit by Ogden - ETR-4

This robust device offers high-temperature protection in industrial and commercial settings. It features a manually resettable latching relay, which automatically de-energizes whenever the sensed temperature goes over the pre-set temperature limit.

FM-Approved Limit Control FDC-7L

An FM-approved safety limit controller protects your heaters and sensitive materials from damaging temperatures. It can be applied to pressure, temperature and other processes. It comes in a space-efficient package and with a mounting feature that allows for quick installation.

Contact us today to know which limit controllers fit your processes and safety needs.

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