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Industrial Process Air Heaters

process heating systems

Installed in forced air ducts, process heating systems supply constant heat for commercial and industrial processes requiring air temperatures up to 750°F/400°C. If your operations heavily depend on transferring heat to materials or equipment through radiation, conduction, convection or a combination of these, you’ll need a reliable and durable process heating system. It will serve as the core system that will facilitate the thermal processing of your products and materials.

Process heating systems come in several forms, but they all have a few things in common. First, they need to have an insulated thermal enclosure to confine the combustion of different products, control the surrounding temperature and restrict radiation within the boundaries of
the system. They should also include a heavy-gauge mounting flange as well as easily replaceable heating elements, which will vary depending on the application or heat requirements of each product or material.

The process air heating experts at Gordo Sales, Inc., can help you customize your unit with the following features:

  • Thermowell
  • Special ratings and/or sizes
  • All stainless-steel frame construction
  • Moisture resistant/explosion-proof terminal enclosure
  • Solid state controls/control panels
  • Thermocouple welded to sheath for high-limit protection

If you have a question or need help deciding on a unit for your facility, call us. We have been the go-to source of comprehensive thermal solutions across industries since 1989.

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