Industrial Process Radiant Heaters

radiant heaters

When processed air or direct contact heating is impossible or impractical, process radiant heaters offer a suitable alternative. Infrared heating can offer more benefits than convection or conduction heating in certain applications, such as preheating, drying, shrinking, curing and thermoforming.

At Gordo Sales, Inc., you’ll find a long list of radiant heaters from which to select. No matter how specialized your operations are, you’ll find the right system for your facility.


The Benefits and Uses of Infrared Heating

  • Reliable, high-energy heating

    When it comes to curing, drying and heating processes, infrared heaters excel the most. They efficiently and effectively remove moisture, heat plastics and cure paint. Radiant heaters yield results quicker than traditional methods, since radiant energy heats objects directly without a heat-transfer intermediary, such as air.

  • Low upfront & maintenance costs

    These heaters don’t require air circulation, which means energy use and operating costs are much lower compared to convection heaters. Radiant heaters are also easy to install and configure and require less time and money.

  • High efficiency

    For materials that absorb infrared energy more efficiently, such as water, plastics and organic substances, the curing, heating or drying process will be much quicker while consuming less energy. Infrared heaters can also be zoned and controlled to achieve optimum efficiency.

  • Cleaner air

    Since electric infrared heaters don’t rely on air as the heat transfer medium, they don’t produce dirty or contaminating byproducts. This is also because air circulation in infrared ovens is low.

  • Better product quality

    In some operations, such as drying textiles, heating metals and plastics, and drying and curing paints, the use of infrared heating improves the overall product quality.

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