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beaker heaters

Ideal for Laboratory and Oil Bath Applications

  • Fits Griffin and standard size beakers
  • Maximum exposure temperature: 232oC (450oF)
  • Hook and loop closure allows for quick installation and removal
  • Easily view graduation during set-up and operation
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Heating element is laminated between two layers of 15mil fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber
  • Power density: 5.0 watts/in2 (0.008 watts/mm2)
  • Dielectric strength of over 2000 volts
  • 2-ft (61cm) long power leads with
  • 120VAC: Standard 2-prong plug (NEMA 1-15)
  • 240VAC: Bare wire connection
  • Requires a temperature or power controller

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