Industrial Cartridge Heaters

For the best industrial cartridge heaters available today, trust the expert team at Gordo Sales. Along with our basic cartridge heating options, we also offer custom cartridge heaters options.

Also known as insertion heaters, cartridge heaters are invaluable in a variety of applications. Our process heating elements are some of the most versatile and durable process heating elements. They are useful in a myriad of applications, from assembling medical care devices to heavy-duty manufacturing of aircraft, truck, and rail car components.

Gordo Sales offers the most compact cartridge heaters available today, including high-density cartridge heaters. If you have space constraints, our high-wattage cartridge heaters are the answer you’ve been searching for. We also offer customized cartridge heaters.


We have a substantial inventory in stock at all times. You can choose your desired diameter, from 1/8 to 3/4“ as well as your preferred voltage, ranging from 24-volt to 240-volt. We also allow you to select between Imperial and metric lengths and diameters.

We have an extensive selection of quick-ship options, which typically go out in one to two days. We also offer full custom cartridge heater services, in the event we don’t have the cartridge heaters you need in our current inventory. If you don’t find the wattage or configuration you’re looking for, we allow special customized cartridge heater orders and ship within one to 10 business days.

Our advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you get the highest quality cartridge heater available today. Durable and compact, our insertion heaters provide uniform heating and exceptional thermal conductivity, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Gordo Sales, Inc., offers the highest-quality dc cartridge heaters at the best prices. Contact us today to learn more or to order your industrial cartridge heaters now.
Cartridge vs. Tubular Heaters
Cartridge heaters are often confused with tubular heaters. While both systems are tube-shaped and have a similar internal makeup, they serve dramatically different applications.

Tubular heaters are inserted into ovens and vessels for air heating, placed directly into a liquid, or clamped into vessels. Cartridge heaters, on the other hand, are inserted in drilled blind holes or open holes for efficient transfer heating.

Unlike tubular heaters, cartridge heaters have swaged designs, which allow for higher-watt densities (up to 260 watts) and high-temperature applications (up to 1,400°F or 760°C). We only supply cartridge heaters with a heavy-duty sheath material that’s robust and resistant to shock and vibration.
Temperature Sensors and Controllers for Cartridge Heaters
Like most process heating systems, control is a critical requirement for cartridge heaters, especially in high-watt and high-temperature applications. We carry a line of digital temperature sensors and controllers that let your employees precisely maintain cartridge heaters at a constant temperature. Our experts can help you find a controller, sensor, or actuator that will seamlessly connect with your cartridge heaters.

When choosing a cartridge heater for your facility, it’s important to choose the size and length that fits snugly with your drilled holes. With a tighter fit, the cartridge heater will run more efficiently and last longer.

By choosing Gordo Sales, Inc., you’ll not only get products manufactured to the highest industry standards, but you’ll also benefit from our extensive product knowledge and exceptional service.

Compare High Density with Low Density cartridge heaters.

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