Cartridge Heaters: Advantages for Industrial Heating

September 14, 2021
by Gordo Sales Team

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on cartridge heaters and their uses. One of the single most common forms of industrial heaters, cartridge heaters are found in several process heating settings and are often the preferred heating method.

At Gordo Sales, we offer a versatile range of cartridge heaters and several other process heating components, with our products serving a number of different industries. In today's part two of our series, we'll go over several of the other reasons why cartridge heaters are often the ideal format for industrial heating, plus some of the common applications that utilize them.

cartridge heaters basics operation

Wide Range of Temperature Applications

Because cartridge heaters can withstand incredibly high temperatures -- as high as 1400 Fahrenheit, in fact -- they're great for industrial heaters that require temperature ranges close to the melting point of metals. One such application is found in metal fabrication, where molten metal is often transferred from one process step to another. This means it's important for the equipment transferring the molten material to reach high temperatures quickly and safely while still reaching a wide range of operating temperatures.

Other industries that can benefit from high-temperature cartridge heaters include the steel industry, glass production facilities and chemical processing.

Efficient Energy Transfer

In addition, cartridge heaters are able to transfer heat extremely efficiently, losing very little energy to the surrounding environment. As a result, cartridge heaters are able to maintain high temperatures even in extreme cold conditions.

This is largely due to the metallic sheet that runs around the entire heating element, which helps avoid any oxidation or heat loss. This type of heating element is referred to as a band heater and is found in most cartridge heaters today.

Lower Energy Bills

Due to this limited heat loss, energy bills for cartridge heaters are quite low, often requiring only 25 percent of the energy necessary to run other types of heating elements.

No Form Change

Another advantage offered by cartridge heaters is that they're able to handle incredibly high temperatures without changing shape or form. This means that while most other heating methods may warp or alter size at extremely high temperature ranges, cartridge heaters are able to maintain their original shape and size without any issues.

This also makes a cartridge heater a great choice for applications where the equipment needs to fit in a confined space, as it will have no problems retaining its original form and structure even at high temperatures.

Customizable Designs

While other industrial heaters have limited customization capabilities, cartridge heaters are able to be customized for a wide range of industry needs.

For example, the cartridge heaters offered at Gordo Sales include a variety of different thread fits and voltages, which can be used in a number of ways to ensure that your industrial heating equipment is going to meet all of your specific requirements. And because we offer both normal and custom cartridge heaters, this means that you'll always have the ability to get exactly what you want for your industrial heating needs.

For more information on any of our cartridge heaters or other process heating equipment, please feel free to contact us today at Gordo Sales.

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