Maintenance Tips for Electric Immersion Heaters

December 13, 2018
by Gordo Sales Team

For numerous industrial processes, immersion heaters are absolutely vital pieces of machinery. These heaters, which sit inside a given liquid meant to be heated, are at the heart of numerous operations across several industries.

At Gordo Sales, Inc., we have several options for immersion heaters on hand, including a number of electrical-powered models. These models are built to be durable, with simple designs compared to fossil fuel model and far less wear and tear than a combustion engine. But without the right care, they still won’t bring you the lifespan you’re expecting. With that in mind, here are a few important maintenance areas to help your immersion heater last for decades.
maintenance electric immersion heaters

Proper Wattage

When it comes to heating, some might assume that more watts is always better – this simply isn’t the case, however. Different applications will require different wattage quantities, and this is a prominent factor to consider.

If you use too high a wattage and raise the temperature too fast on your immersion heater, this will lead to warping of the materials used and shorten the lifespan. It may also cause energy waste that you can’t afford. At the same time, using too little won’t bring you the desired heating.

Heating Materials

One of the benefits of coming to a company like Gordo Sales Inc. is our variety of options for areas like immersion heaters. A big part of maintaining your immersion heater for years into the future is matching the heater material itself to the process needed – not all processes will require expensive stainless steel materials, for instance.

In particular, heaters that operate at relatively low temperatures and don’t deal with harsh chemicals can generally use far more economical materials. Those that do have to hold up to this strain, however, should indeed have high-grade steel, particularly for shafts and flange materials that need to stand up to heavy conditions.


One of the most important basic maintenance areas is ensuring tight connections across all elements of the immersion heater. Grooves and bores will wear down over time, which limit the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment and increase your operating costs – all while putting more strain on the heater and lowering its lifespan. Strong connections begin at installation, where you should ensure everything is tight and remains so regularly moving forward.

Basic Maintenance

Even with the best care you can provide, elements of your machinery will wear down over time. This is why basic standard maintenance areas are important – areas like checking for corrosion and sediment buildup, topping off fluid levels and testing safety equipment like the shutoff switch. Many immersion heaters have simple removable pieces that make cleaning very easy and don’t interfere with production more than necessary.

For more on how to care for electrical immersion heaters, or to learn about any of our heat and control services, speak to the pros at Gordo Sales, Inc. today.

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