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CHR-TOTE461 120V 1800W 275 gallon IBC tote heater with digital controller


Elevate your industrial heating solutions with our IBC Tote Heaters. Tailored to fit securely on tote sizes from 40"x40" to 40"x48", these heaters are weather-resistant, ensuring durability in diverse conditions. Achieve precision with the Weather-Proof Digital Temperature Control System, offering a user-friendly interface and NEMA 4X enclosure for outdoor use. Constructed with TPU laminated Nylon and featuring a silicone-insulated heating element, our heaters guarantee a maximum temperature of 165°F (standard) or 212°F (high temperature). With a one-year warranty, these heaters meet safety standards, providing a reliable and efficient heating solution for your IBC totes.

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Insulated Lid Option

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120V 1800W 275-gallon IBC tote heater with a digital controller

Discover unmatched versatility and durability with our CHR-TOTE461 IBC Tote Heaters with digital controller. Tailored for sizes 40"x40" to 40"x48", these heaters excel in robust construction, weather resistance, and mold prevention. The standard model achieves 165°F, while the high-temperature model impressively reaches 212°F. Safety is paramount, featuring fire-retardant materials and a convenient mouse hole design for spigot access.

The Weather-Proof Digital Temperature Control System ensures precision, allowing set point adjustments and displaying values on a clear LCD. Outdoor-ready with a NEMA 4X enclosure, this system incorporates an internal PTC temperature sensor for accurate control. Constructed with tear-resistant TPU-laminated Nylon, felted acrylic insulation, and a silicone-insulated heating element, these heaters guarantee reliability. Powering at 1800 watts with Dabond 2000 Thread, they offer flexibility in 120V and 220V models.

Convenience is key with heat-sealed construction, a 10' rubberized power cord, and quick-release straps. Backed by a one-year warranty, these heaters meet NEC 427.23 and CE 73/23/EEC standards, providing a trustworthy solution for your industrial heating needs

    • Versatile Fit: Specifically designed to securely fit IBC tote sizes ranging from 40"x40" to 40"x48".
    • Robust Construction: Built to withstand tough conditions, these heaters are durable and weather-resistant, ensuring reliable performance in various outdoor environments.
    • Precise Temperature Control:
      • Standard Model: Reaches a maximum temperature of 165°F.
      • High-Temperature Model: Achieves an impressive 212°F.
    • Mold and Mildew Resistance: The heaters are crafted with materials that resist mildew and mold, ensuring a hygienic heating solution.
    • Safety First:
      • Fire Retardant: Incorporates fire-retardant materials for enhanced safety.
      • Mouse Hole Design: Facilitates easy access to the spigot/spout of the tote.


    • User-Friendly Interface:
      • Change Set Point: Adjust the temperature settings as needed, with the option for lockout to prevent unauthorized changes.
      • LCD Display: Clear LCD display shows the process value, providing at-a-glance information.
      • Celsius or Fahrenheit: Choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit display options for added convenience.
    • Built for Outdoor Use:
      • NEMA 4X Enclosure: Designed for outdoor use with a weather-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure.
      • Internal PTC Temperature Sensor: Ensures accurate temperature control even in varying conditions.


    • Durable Materials:
      • TPU Laminated Nylon Exterior: Tear-resistant and waterproof for long-lasting performance.
      • Felted Acrylic Insulation: Provides excellent insulation to maintain desired temperatures efficiently.
      • Silicone-Insulated Heating Element: Ensures safety and reliability during operation.
    • Powerful Performance:
      • Power Output: Generates 1800 watts on standard units, catering to your heating needs effectively.
      • Dabond 2000 Thread: UV and abrasion-resistant for extended durability.
      • Multiple Voltage Options: Available in 120V and 220V models for flexibility.
    • Convenient Design:
      • Heat Sealed Construction: Ensures a secure and weather-resistant fit.
      • Rubberized Insulated Power Cord: 10' cord with Leviton 5-15 plug for 120V (220V without plug).
      • Quick Release Straps: Four nylon straps with quick-release buckles for easy installation.


    • Peace of Mind:
      • One Year Parts & Labor Warranty: Backed by a comprehensive warranty for added confidence.
      • Meets Safety Standards: Complies with NEC 427.23 standards and CE 73/23/EEC regulations.

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Weight 640 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Tote Size

275 Gallon

Heater Type

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