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240V 500W InteliHeat® Class I Zone I 55-gallon (200 Liter) Heating Jacket IHFNA/D/Z1


240V 500W InteliHeat® Class I Zone I 55-gallon (200 Liter) Heating Jacket

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InteliHeat® Class I Zone I 55-gallon Heating Jacket is your reliable solution for gently warming and preventing winter freezing in hazardous environments. Certified for use in Class I Zones 1 and 2 Classified Hazardous Locations, this heating jacket boasts a unique self-limiting design that ensures safe operation in the presence of gases and dust. No thermostat is needed (though thermostatic control is available if required), making it hassle-free and dependable.

240V 500W InteliHeat® Class I Zone I 55-gallon (200 Liter) Heating Jacket IHFNA/D/Z1240V 500W InteliHeat Class I Zone I 55-gallon (200 Liter) Heating Jacket

Key Features:

  • Hazardous Location Certified: Designed for use in Class I Zones 1 and 2, this heating jacket meets stringent safety standards, ensuring reliable performance even in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Chemically Resistant: The outer surfaces feature chemically resistant silicone-coated glass cloth, extending the product's lifespan and durability in demanding applications.
  • Efficient Thermal Insulation: High-grade thermal insulation not only reduces heat loss but also enhances efficiency while safeguarding operators.
  • Secure and Adjustable: Fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick-release buckles, this heating jacket provides a secure fit and easy installation.
  • Flexible and Conforming: Its flexible design allows it to conform to the container wall, ensuring optimal thermal coupling for efficient heating.
  • Large Heating Surface: The heating jacket distributes heat over a large surface area, minimizing the risk of product damage.
  • Low Maintenance: Built to last, this heating solution requires no regular maintenance, providing peace of mind.
  • 24/7 Safe Operation: Designed for continuous use, it operates safely around the clock.
  • Long Power Cable: The 16 ft. (5m) premium oil, water, and abrasion-resistant power cable offers flexibility in installation.
  • Double Insulated: Ensures safety with double insulation.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Suitable for extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -40°F to +104°F (-40°C to +40°C).
  • ETL Approved: Meets UL and CSA standards, making it suitable for Class I Zone 1 Hazardous locations.
  • Self-Limiting: Maintains a self-limiting temperature of approximately 122°F (50°C) above ambient temperature on the container wall.
  • Custom Options: Waterproof and custom sizes are available to meet your specific requirements.

Hazardous Location Marking:

  • AEx e IIB+H2 T3 Gb, Ex e IIIB+H2 T3 Gb
  • Class I Zone I, IIC, T3. Class II Division 2 Groups EFG T3
  • T4 rating available upon request


  • To fit container: 55 Gallon / 200 Liter
  • Thermostat: N/A
  • Size: Circumference 71” – 76.76” / Height 34” (1800 – 1950mm / 864mm)

Discover the superior performance and safety of the InteliHeat® Class I Zone I 55-gallon Heating Jacket. With its robust design and certification, it's the ideal solution for maintaining controlled temperatures in hazardous locations. Contact us to learn more or request a custom solution to suit your unique needs.


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Weight 1000 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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