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55 gallon hazardous area rated drum heater by Inteliheat - 2D-Z1


120V/240V InteliHeat 55 gallon hazardous area rated drum heater

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Safe heating of 55 gallon drums (steel and plastic) even in hazardous areas.
Ideal for gentle warming and to avoid winter freezing.

LMK Thermosafe are pleased to present their hazardous area drum heater for 55 gallon drums. This ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 and 2 rated jacket uses a completely new and proprietary design.

It is constructed with custom elastomer and silicone coated glass cloth materials and high density fibreglass insulation. The heating medium uses a patented technology of carbon rich semi-conducting positive temperature coefficient membranes. Safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of potentially explosive gases. No transformers are required as it operates using standard ac supply voltages.

The InteliHeat is ideal for gentle warming and to avoid winter freezing. For faster heating rates and melting solids at higher temperatures, the Thermosafe Induction Heater is recommended.

The InteliHeat is designed for use with plastic or steel drums. An LMK Insulated lid may be used in certain situations to reduce heat loss and improve heating times. Certified jackets to fit other sizes, shapes and styles of container are also available. Please contact Gordo Sales to discuss specific requirements.

Voltage: up to 240V 50/60 HZ
Current: up to 3 amps / 720W
Drum Size: 55 gallon / 210 liter
Overall Length: 76-3/4 inches / 1950 mm
Overall Height: 33-1/2 inches / 850 mm
Hazardous Certification: ATEX & IECEx certified Zones 1 and 2

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Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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