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55 gallon metal drum heater - TRX-55-120


120V 1920W 55 gal. drum heater with thermostat and three heat switch.

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120V 1920W 55 gallon drum heater with thermostat and three heat switch

  • Drum Size: 55 Gallon (22-1/2" dia.)
  • Drum Type: Metal
  • Thermostat: High, 200F - 400F, and Low, 60F - 250F
  • Amperage: 16 amps (Hubbell Single Outlet #HBL5361 required for high amperage)
  • This heater is NOT liquid tight, indoor use only


Model TRX-55 Drum Heater, is a thermostatically controlled drum heater with a three heat switch. Model TRX-55 Drum Heater is for standard 55 gallon all METAL drums. TRX-55 cannot be used on Plastic, Plastic Lined or Fiber Drums. Model TRX-55 is designed for heating materials with GOOD HEAT RECEPTIVITY. Thermostat bulb senses temperature in an area remote from the active heating element. You have the choice of two thermostat ranges: High, 200F - 400F, and Low, 60F - 250F. 120V and 240V rating available. Three heat switch allows three wattage ratings per thermostat setting and voltage rating: HIGH, Maximum Watts; MEDIUM, 1/2" Maximum Watts and LOW, 1/4" Maximum Watts. Equipped with spring loaded toggle clamp for snug fit, 6 foot power cord and high ampere three pin plug.
For 120V operation, use Hubbell Single Outlet #HBL5361. For 240V operation, use Hubbell Single Outlet #HBL5661.
FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. TRX-55 is to be used to heat NON-FLAMMABLE, NON-COMBUSTIBLE materials only in a NON-HAZARDOUS area.

Model TRX-55 Drum Heater is U.L. Listed and C.S.A. Certified.

TRX-55 Brochure 

Additional information

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 7 in
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