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BES-11 Baptismal Heater


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Category: Baptistry Heaters

Voltage/Wattage: 240V 11KW Complete Baptismal Heater Equipment System

Streamlined Design: BES-11 stands tall at 35.25” H X 15” W X 9” D

Key Features:

  • Precise Temperature Control: Features a full-range thermostat for precise water temperature adjustment.
  • Safety Assured: High-limit protection prevents overheating, prioritizing safety.
  • Efficient Performance: Pressure switch activation and pump air switch enhance operational efficiency.
  • Secure Connection: Includes a bonding lug and wire for electrical safety.
  • Status Indicator: Equipped with a heater indicator light for quick operational status checks.
  • Complete Setup: Includes a sturdy base and comprehensive installation kit.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Detailed owner’s manual and wiring diagram for easy setup.
  • Certified Compliance: UL listed, ensuring safety and regulatory adherence.
  • Warranty: Peace of mind with a 1-year warranty.

BES-11 Baptismal Heater: For those seeking higher capacity, our BES-11 Baptismal Heater is the answer. This 240V 11KW system stands tall at 35.25” H X 15” W X 9” D and offers the same outstanding features. Experience precise temperature control, enhanced safety with high-limit protection, and efficient performance through pressure switch activation and a pump air switch. The bonding lug and wire provide secure connections, and the heater indicator light keeps you informed. This comprehensive package includes a sturdy base, installation kit, and a detailed owner's manual and wiring diagram for effortless setup. UL is listed for compliance and safety, with a 1-year warranty for your confidence.

Additional information

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 35.25 × 15 × 9 in
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