480V 1 or 3PH 15KW Portable Industrial Salamander Blower Heater Usually Ships in 1-2 DAYS


480V 1 or 3PH 15KW Portable Spot Industrial Salamander Blower Heater

No Assembly Required Built-In Controls. The Chromalox DRA Dragon is a rugged industrial grade, self contained, highly mobile, electric blower heater. The DRA can be left unattended without the threat of poisoning from combustion by-products associated with fuel fired heaters. The built in safety features include an adjustable thermostat to control the outlet air temperature, auto-reset cutouts for the fan motor and heating elements. The thermostat provides settings for full off, fan only and temperature control in the heating setting. Dragon heaters feature a large, easily accessible control and wiring compartment containing a magnetic contactor; additional safety is provided by a 120 volt control voltage transformer and motor starter on 480 and 600 volt units. The bright red polyester powder coated heating cylinder is highly visible and can be rotated to direct heat or fan driven air movement where it is needed. For assured safety, all standard units meet the requirements of UL (File No. E7061) and CSA (File No. LR40859).


  • For Best Results Use in Enclosed Area with Ceiling Heights Below 15'
  • Any Commercial or Industrial Application Needing Instant Fan Forced Heat
  • Building Construction
  • Curing Plaster and Concrete
  • Warming Workers
  • Thawing Frozen Pipes
  • Thawing Railroad Cars

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