HD3D-500 Hose Down/Corrosion Resistant Heater- PCN# 520153


480V 1 or 3PH 5KW Hose Down/Corrosion Resistant Blower Heater. PCN# 520153

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480V 1 or 3PH 5KW (comes wired for 3PH can be re-wired in field for 1PH) Hose Down/Corrosion Resistant Forced Air Blower Heater.

This reliable, rugged, self-contained HD3D heater is an ideal heat source for freeze protection or comfort heat in dusty/dirty/corrosive non-hazardous environments. Standard HD3D heaters include low profile stainless steel wall/ ceiling mounting brackets that can be used to mount directly to a wall for horizontal airflow perpendicular to the wall. These brackets can also be used to mount the heater directly to the ceiling for vertical airflow.


Waste Water Treatment Plants, Coal Handling Areas, Food Processing Plants, Foundries, Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Ships, Construction Sites, Car Washes, Swimming Pool Areas, Canneries, Hose Down (for cleaning). Corrosion Resistant for Harsh Environments and Dairies.


Because it has an adjustable discharge grille to direct air flow, and can be wall or ceiling (plus swivel) mounted, the HD3D heater may be used in a variety of heating applications:

  • Primary Heating
  • Supplementary Heating
  • Dual System Heating
  • Spot Heating
  • Entryway Air-Curtain Heating
  • Freeze Protection

Click here for specification sheet.

Click here for installation sheet.

Additional information

Weight 960 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Corrosion - Hose Down

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HD3D-500 Hose Down/Corrosion Resistant Heater- PCN# 520153
HD3D-500 Hose Down/Corrosion Resistant Heater- PCN# 520153
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