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Cantherm Heater Jumbo 80 Indirect-Fired Mobile Space Heaters


Elevate large space heating with Cantherm Jumbo Series Indirect-Fired Mobile Space Heaters, featuring an impressive 800,000 BTU/hr airflow. CSA-approved, these heaters offer fuel versatility, a new combustion chamber, and high-performance fans for superior efficiency. The four-pass heat exchanger, burner cover, and low-noise fan make them ideal for diverse industrial settings. Explore top-tier heating solutions with Cantherm Jumbo Series, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and versatility in large building environments

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 Cantherm Jumbo Series Indirect-Fired Mobile Space Heaters: Superior Heat Efficiency for Large Spaces

Meta Title: Explore Cantherm Jumbo Series Indirect-Fired Mobile Space Heaters with 800,000 BTU/hr Airflow for Efficient Heating in Large Buildings

Meta Description: Discover the Cantherm Jumbo Series Indirect-Fired Mobile Space Heaters, offering an impressive 800,000 BTU/hr airflow, a new combustion chamber, and high-performance fans for superior heat efficiency. Ideal for large buildings, these CSA-approved heaters provide versatility with oil or gas models, axial fans for efficiency, and optional accessories like a remote thermostat. Explore the features, specifications, and benefits of Cantherm Jumbo Series for top-tier industrial heating.

Are you searching for powerful and efficient heating solutions for large buildings? Explore the Cantherm Jumbo Series Indirect-Fired Mobile Space Heaters, boasting an impressive airflow of 800,000 BTU/hr. Designed with a new combustion chamber and high-performance fans, these heaters redefine heat efficiency for industrial spaces.

Key Features of Cantherm Jumbo Series Indirect-Fired Heaters:

  1. Superior Airflow and Heat Efficiency:
    • The Jumbo Series delivers an outstanding 800,000 BTU/hr airflow, ensuring quick and efficient heating for expansive areas.
    • A new combustion chamber and high-performance fans contribute to elevated heat efficiency, providing optimal warmth in large buildings.
  2. Versatile Fuel Options:
    • Available in oil-burning and gas models, offering flexibility with gas (GPL or natural gas) and diesel options.
    • A manual gas valve facilitates seamless switching between natural gas (NG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), catering to specific heating needs.
  3. CSA Approved for Safety and Quality:
    • CSA approval guarantees adherence to stringent safety and quality standards, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.
  4. Efficient Four-Pass Heat Exchanger:
    • The four-pass heat exchanger design enhances efficiency, maximizing heat transfer for superior heating performance.
  5. Burner Cover for Contaminant Protection:
    • Equipped with an external burner and a protective cover, ensuring the burner is shielded from contaminants, contributing to clean combustion.
  6. Enhanced Mobility with Bearing Structure:
    • The bearing structure features removable panels and improved anchorage, facilitating easy movement on any floor surface for enhanced flexibility.
  7. High-Performance Fan with Low Noise:
    • Axial fans provide increased airflow and static pressure, striking a balance between efficiency (90%) and low noise (≤ 69 db at 6 ft).
    • Particularly useful in environments where ducts are required, maintaining efficiency and minimizing noise.
  8. Optional Remote Thermostat:
    • Enhance control and convenience with the optional remote thermostat, allowing tailored temperature adjustments for personalized comfort.

In conclusion, Cantherm Jumbo Series Indirect-Fired Mobile Space Heaters offer an unparalleled solution for heating large industrial spaces. With impressive airflow, fuel versatility, CSA approval, and advanced features, these heaters are a reliable choice. Elevate your industrial heating experience with Cantherm Jumbo Series, delivering superior efficiency and versatility for your heating needs.

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