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Pump Package for DEF by Standard Pump #9120


Pump Package for DEF by Standard Pump #9120.

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DEF Pump Package

Standard Pump has designed a range of unique, preconfigured DEF Pump Packages that are engineered to transfer AdBlue (AUS32) Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) directly from barrels, drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). Pump Packages are UL and CE listed to meet stringent North American (UL) and European (CE) safety standards. Packages include sealless pump, variable speed motor, dispensing nozzle (manual or auto-shut off), compatible hose and barrel adapter. Motor drives are available in pneumatic or electric (11Introducing the Pump Package for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) by Standard Pump #9120, a cutting-edge solution for efficient fluid handling. This pump package is meticulously designed to meet the demands of DEF applications, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Superior Construction for Optimal DEF Handling

Crafted for Standard Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) with dimensions ranging from 40"x40"x36" to 48"x48"x36", this 36" high tote heater guarantees a perfect fit. The full coverage plug-and-play system features a weather-resistant exterior made of TPU laminated nylon, providing tear resistance and waterproofing. The inner liner, constructed with urethane-backed nylon, adds strength and reliability. Felted PE insulation with Dibond 2000 thread offers UV and abrasion resistance, ensuring durability in challenging environments.

Dual Zone Heating for Precision Control

Equipped with two separate heat zones (top and bottom), each with an adjustable thermostat ranging from 50 to 160°F, this tote heater enables precise temperature control. The built-in manual reset high-limit safety thermostat, set at 195°F for each heat zone, ensures secure operation and prevents overheating.

Innovative Design Features

The attachment method employs adjustable nylon straps with buckles, offering a secure and stable fit across the top and sides of the tank. The silicone-impregnated cloth facing and liner provides additional durability, while the 1/4" fiberglass insulation optimizes heat retention and reduces energy consumption.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

The "mouse-hole" design accommodates spigots for convenient access without compromising insulation. The patented grounding technology meets NEC 427.23 standards, prioritizing safety for your peace of mind.

High Wattage Efficiency

With a power output of 1440 watts at 120V, this tote heater ensures efficient and rapid heating, ideal for applications requiring precise temperature control and quick material flow.

Versatile Applications

Designed for caged, plastic, or metal tote tanks/IBCs, this tote heater is non-evasive, avoiding contamination and scorching of your valuable products. The two separate heat zones allow you to adjust the heater output based on content levels, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Optional Insulated Top Cover

Maximize the performance of your tote heater with the optional insulated top cover, reducing heat loss and accelerating heat-up times, especially in outdoor or unheated locations.

In conclusion, the Pump Package for DEF by Standard Pump #9120 is a comprehensive solution that combines advanced technology with durability. Elevate your fluid handling processes with a system designed for precision, reliability, and efficiency. Invest in innovation and order now to experience the transformative power of this cutting-edge tote heater.


  • Variable Speed Electric Motor (110V or 220V)
  • Up To 14 GPM
  • Sealless Design
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Runs Dry
  • Available Lengths: 39" (1000 mm) & 50" (1200 mm) immersion length

Common Applications (Drum Transfer)

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Brochure pdf
Operating Instructions

** Warning **
Not suitable for pumping flammable or combustible liquids.

Additional information

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

120V, 240V


39" Immersion, 50" Immersion


None, With Meter, includes Automatic Shut Off


None, Manual Shutoff

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