Sunstar SGM6 52,000 BTU Ceramic Infrared/Radiant Heater


SGM6 52,000 Btu/Hr millivolt standing pilot ceramic infrared heater.

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SGM6 52,000 Btu/Hr millivolt standing pilot ceramic infrared heater

Model Gas Type Input Btu/Hr Min. Mounting
Height (Feet)
Burner Pressure
(water column)
Supply Pressure (water column)
Min.           Max.
SGM6-N1A NAT 52,000 14 6" 7"              14"
SGM6-L1 LP 52,000 14 10" 11"            14"


SunStar Ceramic Heaters offer advanced heating solutions with a millivolt standing pilot and 100% gas shut-off safety control. Operating independently without external power, they feature a 1/2" NPT Female gas connection for easy setup. The units excel in spot, area, or total building heating, ideal for replacing existing ceramic heaters. Emulating the sun's radiant heat, these heaters efficiently warm spaces, potentially saving 30-50% on fuel costs compared to forced air convection heating. Design-certified for angle mounting up to 30 degrees, they prioritize safety with a gas shut-off control. Crafted from corrosion-resistant aluminized steel, these heaters maximize radiant output with precision-engineered aluminum reflectors. A protective radiant screen is included, and the compact size allows for UPS shipping with no assembly required. Each heater undergoes 100% testing before shipment.

This indoor-only heater operates in Unvented mode, which, despite its name, means Indirect Vented. Combustion products are expelled into the building, complying with national codes requiring 4 CFM/1000 BTU of heater input ventilation to dilute these by-products. This ventilation can be achieved through gravity or mechanical means.

SunStar Ceramic Heaters are designed to meet high SEO standards, combining technical details with user-friendly language. The millivolt standing pilot, 100% gas shut-off safety control, and no external power requirement highlight their reliability and energy efficiency. The 1/2" NPT Female gas connection ensures straightforward installation, while the absence of required electrical power enhances versatility. The emphasis on fuel savings—30-50% compared to forced air convection heating—addresses a key concern for consumers.

The product's versatility is underlined, catering to spot, area, and total building heating needs. Its suitability for replacing existing ceramic heaters is a practical advantage for those considering an upgrade. The description emphasizes the sun-like radiant heat transfer, creating a warm comfort zone at floor level. This user-centric approach helps potential buyers envision the tangible benefits of these heaters in their spaces.

Safety features are prominently highlighted, from the gas shut-off control to the protective radiant screen. The design certification for angle mounting up to 30 degrees provides flexibility in installation. Corrosion-resistant aluminized steel construction ensures durability and precision-engineered aluminum reflectors optimize radiant output, reinforcing the product's efficiency.

The compact size enabling UPS shipping and the lack of assembly requirements add to the product's appeal, emphasizing convenience and ease of use. The mention of 100% testing before shipment underscores the commitment to quality assurance, addressing potential concerns about product reliability.

The detailed explanation of the Unvented mode clarifies a technical term, ensuring that customers understand the safety implications. The adherence to national codes regarding ventilation adds a layer of transparency and compliance, promoting trust in the product's safety standards.

In conclusion, this comprehensive product description aligns with SEO best practices by combining technical details with user-centric language. It effectively communicates the key features, benefits, and safety aspects of SunStar Ceramic Heaters, providing potential buyers with the information they need to make an informed decision.


  • Equipped with 100% gas shut-off safety control
  • Design certified for angle mounting up to 30 degrees 
  • Constructed of aluminized steel for corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum reflectors designed to maximize radiant output
  • Protective radiant screen INCLUDED
  • Compact size for UPS shipping
  • No assembly required
  • Heaters are 100% tested prior to shipment
  • Ignition Type: Millivolt Standing Pilot with 100% gas shut-off safety control
  • Supply Voltage: NOT REQUIRED, does not require external electrical power to operate
  • Gas Connection: 1/2" NPT Female
  • See Specifications for minimum clearance dimensions

This heater is for Indoor Installation only and can be used in Unvented mode. The term Unvented actually means Indirect Vented. While the products of combustion are expelled into the building, national codes require 4 CFM/1000 BTU of heater input ventilation in the building to dilute these products of combustion. This ventilation may be provided by gravity or mechanical means.

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Installation Manual
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 SG Specifications

Not for Residential Use

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Weight 480 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Btu Hr Input

Sunstar SGM6 52,000 BTU Ceramic Infrared/Radiant Heater
Sunstar SGM6 52,000 BTU Ceramic Infrared/Radiant Heater
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