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SunStar SG Series Natural Gas Infrared Heater, 30000 BTU #SG3


SunStar SG Series Natural Gas Infrared Heater, 30000 BTU #SG3.

Transform your indoor spaces with the SunStar SG Series Natural Gas Infrared Heater. Designed for efficient heating, it combines reliable Direct Spark Ignition and durable aluminized steel construction. Enjoy the enhanced radiant efficiency, adjustable mounting, and optional protective screen for added safety. With hassle-free shipping in 8-10 days, elevate your heating experience with SunStar's trusted performance and lasting warmth.

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SunStar SG Series SG3 30,000 Btu/Hr direct spark ignition ceramic infrared heater

Model Gas Type Input Btu/Hr No. of Burners Min. Mounting
Height (Feet)
Burner Pressure
(water column)
Supply Pressure (water column)
Min.           Max.
SG3-N NAT 30,000 1 12 6" 7"              14"
SG3-L LP 32,000 1 12 10" 11"            14"


Key Features:

  • Ignition Type: Direct Spark Ignition for reliable performance
  • Supply Voltage: 115 Volt, ensuring convenient operation
  • Amp Draw: Requires 0.40 amps for efficient energy usage
  • Gas Connection: 1/2" NPT Female connector for easy setup
  • Design Certification: Certified for mounting at up to 30 degrees
  • Safety Assurance: Equipped with 100% gas shut-off safety control
  • Material Durability: Aluminized steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • Radiant Efficiency: Enhanced by aluminum reflectors and dimpled tile assembly design
  • Convenient Shipping: Compact size for UPS shipping, no assembly required
  • Quality Assurance: 100% tested prior to shipment, 12-month parts warranty
  • Specifications for minimum clearance dimensions

Product Description:

Experience powerful heating with the SunStar SG Series Natural Gas Infrared Heater, delivering an impressive 30,000 BTU of warmth. The SG3 model features direct spark ignition for seamless operation, a 115-volt supply voltage, and a minimal amp draw of 0.40 amps. With a 1/2" NPT female gas connection, this heater boasts a convenient setup and is designed for indoor use, offering a reliable and efficient heating solution.

Efficiency meets durability with its aluminized steel construction, ensuring corrosion-resistance and longevity. The ceramic infrared heating technology mimics the sun's warmth, efficiently transferring radiant heat energy to create a cozy comfort zone at the floor level. Compared to forced air convection heating, this method can lead to substantial fuel savings of 30% to 50%.

Featuring a dimpled tile assembly design for enhanced radiant efficiency and angle mounting certification of up to 30 degrees, the SunStar SG3 is a versatile heating solution. Equipped with a 100% gas shut-off safety control and aluminum reflectors optimized for maximum radiant output, this heater prioritizes safety and performance.

For added protection, consider the optional protective radiant screen (sold separately). With its compact size, the SunStar SG Series Natural Gas Infrared Heater is easily shipped via UPS, requiring no assembly upon arrival. Rest assured, each heater undergoes a 100% testing process before shipment.

This product is designed for unvented indoor installation, ensuring efficient heating performance. Please note that the term "Unvented" implies "Indirect Vented," necessitating 4 CFM/1000 BTU of heater input ventilation in compliance with national codes. This ventilation may be achieved through gravity or mechanical means.

Invest in the SunStar SG3 for reliable, efficient, and comfortable indoor heating. Enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship with a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months on parts (no labor


  • Usage: Indoor Installation, suitable for Unvented mode
  • Ventilation Requirement: Follows national codes for proper ventilation
  • Shipping Time: Usually ships within 8-10 days

Upgrade to the SunStar SG Series for efficient and reliable heating performance in any indoor setting. Enjoy a cozy environment with substantial energy savings!

Ceramic Infrared Heating is the answer for spot or area heating and for total building heating needs. It is also ideal for the replacement of existing ceramic heaters. SunStar Ceramic Heaters heat like the sun by transferring radiant heat energy directly into the area to be heated and creating a warm comfort zone at the floor level. This extremely efficient method of heating can result in fuel savings of between 30% and 50% when compared to forced air convection heating

  • Dimpled tile assembly design for increased radiant efficiency
  • Design certified for angle mounting up to 30 degrees 
  • Equipped with 100% gas shut-off safety control
  • Constructed of aluminized steel for corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum reflectors designed to maximize radiant output
  • Optional protective radiant screen (sold separately)
  • Compact size for UPS shipping
  • No assembly required
  • Heaters are 100% tested prior to shipment
  • Manufactures warranty 12 months parts no labor

This heater is for Indoor Installation only and can be used in Unvented mode. The term Unvented actually means Indirect Vented. While the products of combustion are expelled into the building, national codes require 4 CFM/1000 BTU of heater input ventilation in the building to dilute these combustion products. This ventilation may be provided by gravity or mechanical means.

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Installation Manual
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 SG Specifications

Not for Residential Use

Additional information

Weight 560 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Btu Hr Input

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