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480V 3PH 6KW L shaped Incoloy over the side immersion heater

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480V 3PH 6KW L shaped over the side immersion heater
  • Voltage: 480V 3PH, can be re-wired to 1PH in the field
  • Wattage: 6KW
  • Dimensions: A=51-5/16", B=37-5/8"
  • Elements: Incoloy
  • Watt Density: 23 watts per square inch
  • Application: Mildly Corrosive, Citirc and Phosphoric Acid Solutions
  • Housing: NEMA 4
  • Availability: 3-4 weeks
  • Corrosion Guide
  • Watt Density Guide


Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters are specifically designed for heating fluids in tanks. Depending on the tank shape, size, accessibility and working area inside the tank, choose a round or L shaped heater. Standard sheath materials are Incoloy® 800 and steel with all wetted parts made with compatible alloys.

Tubular heating elements are welded into a liquid-tight junction box. Power leads for the elements travel up through the riser pipe and are connected to a terminal block in a NEMA 4 Housing. Unless otherwise specified, heaters are wired for three-phase from the factory but can easily be converted to single-phase. A thermowell for a 3/8" diameter bulb is standard to accommodate an optional thermostat. A thermostat can be field installed to mounting lugs located in the electrical enclosure. 4" (102 mm) sludge legs keep the elements off the bottom of the tank and above any deposits that may accumulate there.
Optional Features:
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel construction for all wetted parts
  • Passivation of all wetted parts
  • Electropolished or bright annealed surface treatments for Stainless Steel or Incoloy designs (heating elements only)
  • NEMA 1 or NEMA 4/7 (explosion resistant) terminal housings
  • Flange, fixed or adjustable bracket on riser for mounting
  • Mounting flange for terminal housing
  • External power wiring options include flexible cord/plug, armored cable, wire braided or plain lead wire
  • Double or Single pole thermostat
  • Process or Hi-limit thermocouple in thermowell in place of the thermostat
  • Hi-limit MI thermocouple on sheath
  • Special riser and/or sludge leg heights
  • Up to 12 elements per heater assembly
  • Right-angle riser design

Additional information

Weight 2400 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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Original price was: $1,484.50.Current price is: $1,123.80.
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