Risks of Purchasing Used Process Heating Equipment

April 17, 2019
by Gordo Sales Team

When considering industrial process heating systems, quality and reliability are top priorities. No business owner wants to purchase major heating equipment like component heaters or variable transformers only for them to wear down or lose function quickly – long-term durability and reliability are expected.

At Gordo Sales, this is what you’ll get with any of our process heating equipment, from cartridge heaters to power controls and everything in between. In some cases, similar pieces of equipment will be available on the used market – this equipment might look attractive due to low initial price tags, but you have to consider the potential trickle-down if you go this route over our quality new materials. Here are some risks inherent in purchasing used process heating equipment.

risks used process heating equipment

Immediate Issues

Just like with a used car or any other used piece of major equipment, used industrial process heating materials generally come with at least some level of previous wear-and-tear. If you’re lucky, this will be contained to standard areas that are expected over time.

If not, though, you might start to notice major issues almost right away. Once used equipment has been installed, you may have to pause operations almost immediately to make repairs in important areas. And if you were already shut down for a period of time while you searched for this equipment, you could be risking major losses of business and trust from your clients.

Shorter Repair Timetable

Even if issues don’t crop up immediately with used heating equipment, it’s a virtual guarantee that they will come up earlier than you’d expect with a new piece of equipment. Your initial cost on a used drum heater, for instance, might be lower than that of one of our new options – but if it lasts half the time, are you really saving money when you need to replace the item so much sooner? Add that to the decreased productivity or quality you may experience using the older part, and the decision seems pretty clear.

Lost Productivity and Increased Costs

In some areas, the costs you’ll incur if you have to repair used parts quickly are obvious – these repairs cost money, of course, and these sums might add up to more than just buying a new item that won’t require such frequent upkeep. In addition, though, consider the money you lose from lost productivity while your facility is down during repairs – you have to spend to determine the issue to begin with, find the proper party to repair it and handle all related scheduling and costs.

For more on the significant risks present when you purchase used process heating equipment, or to learn about any of our high-quality industrial materials, speak to the staff at Gordo Sales today.

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