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Benefits and Common Uses of Industrial Immersion Heaters

January 14, 2020
by Gordo Sales Team

For a variety of industries where heating large quantities of fluid is required, industrial immersion heaters are vital equipment pieces. Available in a variety of types and with several different elements used depending on the specific heating need, immersion heaters preserve a variety of chemicals, gasses and fluids by keeping them warm through rapid heat transfer.

At Gordo Sales, we offer a variety of immersion heater options, from flanged immersion heaters to over-the-side and screw plug solutions. For those without experience in this realm, let’s go over what an immersion heater is, where they’re commonly used in industry and some of the primary benefits that make them such valuable pieces of equipment for many businesses.

benefits uses industrial immersion heaters

Industrial Immersion Heater Basics

Also called bayonet heaters, immersion heaters are heating products that are immersed straight in a tank of material to heat said material to required temperatures. You may find certain versions of immersion heaters in residential homes, but the most common application of this format is in large-scale heating processes found within industry.

To operate, immersion heaters are created using a group of tube bundles that transfer heat efficiently. These bundles are collected and then mounted to the side of the tank in question, then completely submerged. The heating coil is exposed to the material inside the tank, transferring heat from it to the liquid surrounding it.

Common Usage Areas

As we noted above, immersion heaters are used in several major industrial areas on a regular basis. One of the most common such applications is within chemical processing plants or facilities, which commonly require heating capabilities for certain chemical tanks.

There are also numerous other industries where temperature control of a liquid is required, from restaurants to major storage or transportation industries. Immersion heaters are notably similar to suction heaters, but operate differently and are better for larger quantities of liquid being stored or heated all at once.

General Benefits of Immersion Heaters

As we just noted, there may be similar options to immersion heaters available for a given heating application. Why might you choose an immersion heater over these other options? Here are some of the potential reasons:

For more on the benefits of industrial immersion heaters, or to learn about any of our process heating systems, speak to the staff at Gordo Sales today.

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