Improving Process Heating Facility Efficiency, Part 1

June 9, 2020
by Gordo Sales Team

At Gordo Sales, it’s our constant mission to provide process heating systems and related products and solutions to help various facilities with heating and other processes. From specific products like our thermosafe tote heater to vital areas like drum heaters, component heaters and numerous others, we’ve assisted numerous facility owners and managers organize efficient, meaningful processes using our equipment.

No matter which industry you’re in, facility managers are always on the hunt for ways to stay ahead of the competition and make their plant as efficient as possible. There are numerous methods available for this pursuit, including several related to our products and services. This two-part blog series will dig into several ways you can optimize process heating systems and surrounding facility elements for the best possible working arrangement.

process heating facility efficiency

Equipment Upgrades

The first and typically most obvious method of improving a given facility’s efficiency is upgrading its equipment. This area can also be intimidating for many plant managers due to the high up-front costs involved – but it’s important to evaluate these areas in terms of long-term investment.

Yes, certain equipment pieces, including some in the process heating realm, will be expensive to purchase. However, the value you receive over the next several months or years by replacing an older, less efficient piece of machinery is often far greater than these costs, including energy savings areas you’ll see on the back end. As long as you take the right steps in terms of planning for and financing your equipment upgrades, you’ll limit your facility’s downtime and ensure you’re always using the latest technology for your important processes.

Changes to Process

It’s also vital for facility managers and owners to be flexible when it comes to facility processes and work orders. It may feel “right” to keep doing things the way you always have, but too much stubbornness here will lead to the competition passing you by.

Managers should be regularly evaluating the current systems in place, looking for outdated practices or any unnecessary steps involved in the processes being used. Look for ways you can involve improved teamwork or improve communication, plus areas where you might be able to limit the number of team members involved to free up productivity.

Maintenance Areas

All such facilities should have maintenance practices already in place, but these can be tweaked and improved over time as well. These include areas like maintaining equipment in high working condition, looking for early signs of wear-and-tear or other related issues, plus predicting potential upcoming repairs or upgrades so these can be discussed and placed within the budget.

For more on how to ensure your facility is optimized within process heating and other areas, or to learn about any of our industrial heating systems, speak to the staff at Gordo Sales today.

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