The Value in Prioritizing New Process Heating Equipment

December 10, 2019
by Gordo Sales Team

Within the world of process heating systems and related industrial applications, there are several specific risks that come with purchasing or continuing to use used equipment that may have begun wearing down. Not only might such equipment already have existing issues, it is likely to diminish your production levels and increase your costs much faster than new equipment would.

At Gordo Sales, we’re here to provide a wide range of new process heating systems, from component and drum heaters to garage heaters, cartridge heaters and many others. Here are several of the specific benefits that come with purchasing new process heating equipment rather than continuing to rely on older products.

value new process heating equipment


For starters, simple math dictates that new equipment will last longer at a high performance level than used equipment. You might pay a bit less for used equipment, sure, but it will wear down faster and cease to perform effectively in shorter order. In fact, when it comes to return on investment, new equipment far outpaces used equipment in the process heating world – you will receive exponential returns on new equipment lifespan compared to old equipment.


A primary reason why some plant managers stick with used equipment even when it’s clearly wearing down is an attempt to lower their costs, but this is generally a mistaken approach to a well-intentioned theme. You might think you’re saving money by holding off on new systems – but you’re actually costing yourself.

This is because, as used systems age, they tend to require far more maintenance and costly repairs. New systems may cost more up front, but the costs will even out and even rotate in your favor over the course of months and years where the system runs without issue and require repairs. Your business’s bottom line will benefit in the long run by making the switch to new systems sooner rather than later.


Plant managers who cannot afford shutdowns or outages need reliable equipment, and newer process heating systems fit the bill. Not only will systems be newer and more durable, they will be configured specifically for your facility and will help prevent any down time or reductions in operating capacity.

Modern Technology

Finally, it’s vital to consider new equipment because of regular upgrades to the technology available in the process heating world. Like any other major industry, new innovations continue to be introduced at a fast pace, from safety features to general process upgrades and many others. If you’re still investing in used equipment made years ago, however, you forego these potential benefits.

For more on why new process heating equipment is vital for your facility, or to learn about any of our heater products, speak to the staff at Gordo Sales today.

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