Industrial Garage Heaters: Forced Air vs. Radiant

May 11, 2021
by Gordo Sales Team

Garage heaters are used in a variety of industrial applications, including aircraft hangers, pump stations, factories, and shipping and receiving facilities.

Before purchasing, you must determine the size and design that is best suited for your needs. The primary considerations are whether you want mounted or portable designs, and whether you prefer gas powered or electric garage heating. After these choices, you must determine whether you need forced air or radiant garage heaters. Forced air heaters circulate heat using a fan. Air is drawn in, heated and blown out the front via the fan. Radiant heaters use infrared light to produce heat.

The best way to determine the correct answer is to consider the following three questions.

Industrial garage heaters

How Is Your Facility Constructed & Used?

One of the factors that will influence this decision is the type of facility you have. Size and shape are important. Radiant heaters are more effective for smaller spaces and open areas. Forced air models are more effective for larger spaces and those that have a less open configuration.

Next, consider the height of your ceilings. In a facility with high ceilings, the heat may rise above the level where it’s needed, making forced air heaters significantly less effective. The type and amount of insulation you have is also critical. Poorly insulated spaces are prone to cold air seepage. Cold air pushes hot air upward, again potentially making forced air designs less effective.

What Type of Doors Do You Have & How Do You Use Them?

Although you might not realize it, your facility’s doors can play a large role in determining which type of garage heater is best for you.  If you have large overhead or roll-up doors – and those openings are accessed frequently – you are likely losing warm air at a rapid rate. This may also be the case with normal sized doors, if people are in and out of them all day long.

In this case, you should consider radiant heat for your needs, rather than forced air type heating.

What Requirements Do You Have for Air Movement?

The final consideration required for choosing the right type of commercial garage heater is whether your facility requires air circulation or movement. If your facility works with any type of products that produce fumes or materials that create airborne particulates, you may need to select forced air heating. Infrared heaters do not circulate air and, consequently, would require adding additional equipment for air circulation.

Gordo Sales, Inc. is your go-to expert for commercial and industrial comfort air garage heaters. We have a large selection of portable garage heaters for you to choose from, including both infrared radiant and forced air options. Our experienced team members can help you determine which products are most appropriate for your needs and your budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our mounted and portable garage heaters.

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