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55 gallon drum heater 120V self regulating for plastic or metal by Flexotherm- FLX55-120-XX


55 gallon drum heater 120V self regulating for plastic or metal by Flexotherm- FLX55-120-XX

Preset temperature 120F (113F - 131F approximate) 720 Watts
Preset temperature 160F (149F - 167F approximate) 800 Watts

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Unlock precise and reliable drum heating with the Flexotherm FLX55-120-XX 55 Gallon Drum Heater. Designed to accommodate both plastic and metal drums, this self-regulating heater is a game-changer in the world of barrel heating solutions. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and durability, Flexotherm brings you a heating solution you can trust.

Flexotherm 55 gallon drum heater Key Features:55 Gallon Drum Heater 120V Self Regulating For Plastic Or Metal By Flexotherm

  1. Self-Regulating Technology: Unlike traditional resistance wire heaters, this drum blanket utilizes cutting-edge Nano-Carbon Flexible FAR Infrared heating technology. It self-regulates its temperature, eliminating the need for an external thermostat, and ensures consistent heating throughout your drum.
  2. GFCI Cord Set: Safety is paramount. That's why each Flexotherm FLX55-120-XX heater comes standard with a GFCI cord set hard-wired into the blanket, providing an additional layer of safety during operation.
  3. Premium Vinyl: Crafted from high-quality 18 oz NFPA-rated vinyl, this blanket is built to withstand the toughest conditions, making it ideal for construction and heavy-duty use.
  4. Enhanced Stitching: Featuring X-type stitching in the vinyl, this design helps prevent moisture wicking, ensuring that your drum remains dry and moisture-free during heating.
  5. Flexible Heating Element: The heating element is not only durable but also incredibly flexible, conforming to the shape of your drum for optimal heat distribution.
  6. Temperature Options: Choose between preset temperatures of 120°F (with an approximate range of 113°F to 131°F) powered by 720W or 160°F (with an approximate range of 149°F to 167°F) powered by 800W, depending on your specific heating needs.
  7. Positive Temperature Coefficient: This technology ensures that as the temperature increases, the output decreases, preventing overheating and ensuring safe, controlled heating.
  8. 2-Year Warranty: Flexotherm stands by its product, offering an industry-leading 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Why Choose Flexotherm:

Flexotherm takes drum heating to the next level with state-of-the-art technology, safety features, and a commitment to quality. Say goodbye to outdated heating methods and welcome consistent, efficient, and safe heating for your drums.


  • Learn More about why Flexotherm is the top choice for drum heating solutions.
  • Explore our Brochure to dive deeper into the features and benefits of the Flexotherm FLX55-120-XX 55 Gallon Drum Heater.

For any inquiries about our featured heating products or to find the perfect 55-gallon drum heater for your needs, contact us today! Elevate your drum heating experience with Flexotherm.


Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Heater Type

Drum Size

Drum Type




120F, 160F

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