Cantherm EC-300 Indirect Fired Oil Heaters


Discover heating excellence with Cantherm EC-Series Indirect Fired Oil Heaters. Boasting a four-loop heat exchanger, electronic flame control, and safety features, these heaters redefine efficiency. Designed for industrial spaces, they offer a 2% efficiency boost over traditional systems. Key features include a built-in oil burner, double-skinned combustion chamber, and compatibility with various fuels. The EC 300 model delivers 306,000 BTU with 10% more heating power. Elevate your industrial heating with Cantherm EC-Series – where innovation meets superior performance.


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 Cantherm EC-Series Indirect Fired Oil Heaters: Efficient and Powerful Heating Solutions

Meta Title: Explore the Cantherm EC-Series Indirect Fired Oil Heaters for Superior Heating Efficiency

Meta Description: Discover the Cantherm EC-Series Indirect Fired Oil Heaters, featuring innovative design with a four-loop heat exchanger, electronic flame control, safety features, and compatibility with various fuels. Experience increased efficiency and heating power for your industrial heating needs.

Are you needing reliable and efficient heating solutions for your industrial or commercial space? Look no further than the Cantherm EC-Series Indirect Fired Oil Heaters. These heaters are designed with cutting-edge technology to provide superior heating performance, ensuring a comfortable and controlled environment.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Efficiency: The EC-Series stands out with its proprietary four-loop exhaust system, offering higher efficiencies and heating power compared to traditional three-loop systems commonly found in most heaters. The four-loop heat exchanger creates a longer path for exhaust gases, resulting in a remarkable 2% increase in efficiency over traditional three-loop heat exchangers.

Key Features of EC Series Heaters:

  • Built-in oil burner for efficient fuel combustion.
  • Electronic flame control for precise temperature regulation.
  • Safety features include an overheat thermostat and pressure switch.
  • Double-skinned combustion chamber enhances safety.
  • The pre-heated oil filter (except EC100) ensures smooth operation.
  • Two-stage startup for reliable performance during cold starts.
  • Pre-purge and post-ventilation cycles for optimal operation.
  • Twist-lock tank cap with a leash for convenient fueling.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger for durability.
  • Pneumatic tires for easy mobility.
  • Fuel tank for extended operation.
  • Internal thermostat for temperature control.
  • Compatible with Diesel, Kerosene, Fuel Oil, JP-8, and Jet A Fuel.

Models and Specifications:

  1. EC 300 Heater:
    • BTU: 306,000
    • Field Consumption: 2.18 GPH; CFM: 2500
    • Dimensions: 73"x28"x41"; Weight: 264 lbs; Tank: 27.7 Gallons; Power Supply: 110V

Why Choose EC Series? The EC Series heaters offer increased efficiency and a substantial boost in heating power. The four-loop heat exchanger design ensures hot gas passages are exposed to lower temperatures, providing an additional 10% heating power compared to three-loop units of the same size. This makes the Cantherm EC-Series an excellent choice for demanding industrial heating applications.

In conclusion, the Cantherm EC-Series Indirect Fired Oil Heaters are a testament to innovation and performance. Elevate your heating solutions with these reliable and efficient heaters that prioritize efficiency and power. Choose Cantherm for unmatched performance in the industrial heating sector.


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 Cantherm EC-300 Indirect Fired Oil Heaters
 Cantherm EC-300 Indirect Fired Oil Heaters
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