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Issues With Retrofitting Industrial Heating Systems, Part 2

March 10, 2020

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the issues that may come with retrofitting industrial heating equipment. While this process might be possible in some situations, there are several potential drawbacks to be aware of, plus several situations where new industrial heating equipment is the preferred route.

At Gordo Sales, we provide a wide variety of process heating systems, including several immersion heater options like our over-the-side immersion heater solutions and many others. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll dig into a few additional areas you should be strongly considering if you’re thinking about attempting to retrofit an industrial heater, plus situations where this process might not be realistic or your best option.

issues retrofitting industrial heating systems

Efficiency Changes

In addition to several possible issues that may arise in retrofitting industrial heaters, many of which we discussed in part one, it’s important to note that this process will often have a major impact on the efficiency of the system overall. Some retrofits are on the positive end of this spectrum, improving vital areas of efficiency.

Sadly, however, a greater percentage actually tend to have the opposite effect. Many retrofit attempts, particularly those carried out by non-professionals, lower the system’s efficiency significantly, costing you major sums in terms of production costs and lowered capacity. These costs often more than make up for the difference in cost between retrofitting and simply purchasing new industrial heating equipment.

Retrofits Aren’t Always Realistic

In addition to the above, there are several situations where retrofitting an existing industrial heater simply isn’t realistic or even possible given the equipment on-hand and your available budget. Certain facilities might not have the proper space or layout qualities, while other companies may not have the budget to fund the operational needs of a retrofit. Luckily, there are often better alternatives available, which we’ll go into below.

Preferred Alternatives

Both in cases where retrofitting is not possible and even in many situations where it is, there are often preferred alternatives to this process. The primary alternative here is a new industrial heating system.

While some might be concerned about the up-front costs here, as we noted above, this is not the only important piece of the puzzle. A new industrial heating system will often provide incredible value that quickly makes up this price gap in areas like reduced operational costs or increased production capacity – many facility owners or managers find that they recoup their money on a new system in just a period of weeks or months. On top of all this, new and customized industrial heating systems tend to perform much better in the long run than a retrofitted piece for a specialized process.

For more on the potential issues with retrofitting an industrial process heater, and why new heating equipment is often the way to go, speak to the staff at Gordo Sales today.

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